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My Honours Thesis, March 1963
Quality and the Residential Student
Restoring Free Speech and Liberty on Campus
Will Universities eventually be Fully Privatised?
Eight Good Reasons why a University is not a Business
Campus Review: Why can't a University be more like a business?
Town Gown Relations
Event Organisation
Collaborating with Ghosts
The Birth of An Organisation : ATEM and the Principle of Subsidiarity, Love and other Ideals
New Zealand Follows Australia down the Cul De Sac
Me and Mine
Thinking Freely: What is Motivating the War against Higher Education?
Unpublished Essay: The Problem of Pity
A Body of Knowledge
Why do Organisations Die?
Science Policy and the Fractal Random Walk of Ants
Tertiary Education Management: a Profession for many Professionals
Fort San Domingo Keynote Address
Fort San Domingo Illustrations
Managerialism and it Foes
Denmark Meddles with Universities
Giles Pickford Says Thank You to ATEM
Creating a Civilisation: A Higher Purpose
Academics Never Retire
The Eureka Expedition
Book Review: On the Purpose of a University

Published Poems

The Single Malt Job
In Defence of the Aborigines

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